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About prophet Muhammad cartoons

What do the cartoons portray?
The most of the cartoons are about prophet muhammad, they are portraying him, and this is firstly due to that many people don't know the truth about Islam and prophet Muhammad. So the first thing a non muslim should do after he see the cartoons, to learn about Islam to be able to distinguish the truth from the lies...

The truth about prophet muhammad:
Please refer to "Prophet Muhammad qualities" to learn about muhammad qualities.

Allah defend his prophet from these lies:
Do you want really to see it ? See what God said about portraying the beloved Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist.

Do you know what muhammad said about the west ?
Please read this important saying about what Muhammad say about the western people, named Romans in that age.

Maybe you don't have an idea about what islam comes with ?
Please read here what Islam comes with to all the humanity.

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